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How do I publish a page on ALL Themes?

I’m having an issue where certain pages are staying “attached” to a theme once published.
We want all pages to automatically be on all themes. How can I achieve this?

Also - the issue is not persistent with every page. Some are active on all themes.
I see no settings which are different between the pages which are assigned and the pages which are not.

See view below. The top 2 themes are as desired, unattached - where the bottom 2 specify a theme.
I need to remove this specification.

Hi @Katy,

Can you share a link to one of your Builder landing pages that is attached to one theme? I’d be happy to take a look!

Thank you!

Thanks! To remove the theme target you’re seeing you can open the entry, click command+E to open the JSON, and remove the "themeId" line. Once you remove this, you’ll need to republish the entry.

Thank you @maddy !

I think that did the trick :slight_smile:
Did have some weird caching things but seems all is resolved.

Hey @maddy

I really hoped this was fixed, but my team has been publishing new themes and stuff is still not getting pushed to them. This only happens with new pages I’ve made.

You can see there is no theme assigned to the page linked below, but the page template is not being pushed to the live theme even though it says its published

Below is a screenshot of the templates that SHOULD display on all shopify themes compared to the ones actually consistently displaying.

Launch is approaching and we really need to figure this out ASAP so if there are any Builder.io employees out there willing to hop on a call or something that would be MUCH appreciated!

Hi @Katy,

I see that you have created a password page, but I don’t see the option to enter in a store password to preview the site. Let me know the best way to see the live page and I will take a look!

Thank you! You can get to the pages in question through the “Discover” dropdown and any of the three pages under “Care Guide”.

This is a preview to a newer theme that was pushed dynamically through our github integration where these theme templates are not coming through. As you can see, it just pulls the default CMS page template from shopify.

Also, that landing page itself is one that is having this issue.
It’s called “Pre Launch Splash”

Thanks for those details! I checked all of the pages under Discover → Care guide and they are all displaying Builder pages. Are you still seeing the default Shopify templates showing in that preview? Can you share a screenshot or screen recording of what you’re seeing? I am also seeing the Builder entry displaying on /pages/pre-launch-splash-page.

@maddy Sigh there are multiple people on my end working to solve this issue and it appears somone went and recently republished those pages to live.

Here is a video of what im describing. You can see the splash page was indeed not pulling in the template.

You can see in the video > Theme not registering on live > enter editor > theme preview should be the default live > go to live view > theme preview is wrong theme > have to publish theme again > theme preview works

Thanks again for your help!

Referring back to the comparison available templates above - all those pages still need to be republished every time we publish a new theme. Even after removing theme IDs

Hi @Katy!

Thanks for those details. I shared this with our team and even though the theme is shown in the content list entry after you preview the theme on the entry, the page is still available to be seen on any theme. We see how this could be confusing (it confused me as well), so our team is going to remove this behavior.

There is one behavior that is theme-specific and that is generating the page templates that you shared here and in the forum. These are not necessary to use to have the page be live on every theme, however, if you want those to be set then you’ll need to select each theme and publish the page to that specific theme.

Thank you @maddy , the above described functionality has usually been my experience with Builder as well. And has been the case for about half our pages. However - like i said - whenever we update the theme, the design/layout of the specified pages is not pulling over.

Every time we publish a new theme, a handful of pages have this basic CMS page template.
Page template assignments definitely matter, so without them displaying within shopify to select, the default template is displaying. I know this is not your intended functionality, so if someone could please provide an answer that would be amazing. Otherwise not sure we can continue with this product.

This is what the above page should look like if builder is coming through.

Please watch this video - as it displays many of the issues we have been dealing with.

This is the page from the video