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How I can hide pages from roles which are not supposed to see them?

We manage multiple sites. Each of those have their own site admins. How can we allow them to see only their pages in the list and hide all the other ones? We don’t want them to know other sites even exist.

Hey @ozmoroz, thanks for reaching out! You can achieve this using custom roles in Builder. For your particular set up I would recommend:

  1. Mark pages that you want to differentiate with a custom field, for example site

  2. Site A pages should have it’s site set to siteA and site B page should have its site set to siteB

  3. Then define roles for each site manager to only access pages that has it’s custom field site set to their site

  4. For example site A manager would have a custom role to only access page model with custom field site equal to siteA , and have its create defaults as well set to that.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!