How to apply infinite scroll in builder

Hey @manish-sharma

I have created this blogs list and i am rendering it multiple time by Repeat for each, i mean it show casing that it only showing 1 blog in layers but rendering multiple blogs on the page now i wanna apply infinite scroll to this how can i apply it.

i was trying to update the JSX code from builder in code section to implement the infinite scroll but it just make the whole InputSearch disappear.

any kind of help would be appreciatable.

@manish-sharma can you please help me in this ??

Hello @Shami,

Can you help with the builder content link where we can test this?

there you go

Hello @Shami,

Just to clarify you want to add vertical infinite scrolling to blogs list?

Yes I do want to add an infinite scroll here

Hello @Shami,

Regrettably, because you are developing locally, I can’t figure out how to implement vertical scrolling specifically for your use case, however, below is a sample javascript snippet that can be used to add the vertical scrolling feature to HTML blocks

    const content = document.getElementById("content");

    // Function to load more items
    function loadMoreItems() {
        for (let i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
            const newItem = document.createElement("div");
            newItem.textContent = "Item " + (content.children.length + 1);

    // Initial load of items

    // Load more items when user scrolls to the bottom
    window.addEventListener("scroll", function () {
        if (window.innerHeight + window.scrollY >= document.body.offsetHeight) {