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How to bind a reference field to a symbol

Hi There, probably missing something.

How do I bind an Input Reference Field to a symbol ?

My Reference

My reference inside the state object

My symbol

Clicking the option in the dropdown (component.options.symbol) and binding it to “state.cardTemplate” doesn’t seem to work.

Getting “component.options.symbol.model” and binding it to “state.cardTemplate.model” AND
Getting “component.options.symbol.entry” and binding it to “state.cardTemplate.id”
doesn’t seem to work either ?

Is this even possible? I would have expected to see the content inside the reference field?

I have got this working in the couple of places where Ive needed to bind to a symbol by either using the html api in code or inserting a symbol into a slot (if that makes sense).

I thought I would check if this can be done using the UI ?


Hey @50DN, can you tell us a bit more about your end goal? I want to make sure we point you in the right direction!