How to connect local development environment to

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I was able to successfully complete the Using Builder Devtools for Automated Integration - section, and I get a shiny Next.js page. When I try to add a builder page, it takes me to a gallery of pages on’s public website. This brings up the question of how to connect the local environment at localhost:3000 to

next.js (1).png

Thanks in advance.

Wondering how to connect to localhost:3000 or what the connection is?

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next.js (1).png

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Hey @handerson after running your server successfully you need to set your preview URL to the http://localhost:3000/. I would recommend following our guide here.

Thank you for your response. @sheema . I am unable to follow those instructions.

The preview URL is set as you requested,

but when I surf to localhost:3000, I still just get the Next.js logo page.

I am able to edit the above logo page src/pages/index.js in VS Code.
However, I don’t know how to get to the Visual Editor.

Hey @handerson you can access your content at Visual Development Platform. You can create a new page by clicking on the “New Entry” button.

You can also check out our guide for setting the preview URL for a step by step guide.

@sheema Thank you, that was helpful. When I clicked on one of the documents in that list, it complained that my server localhost:3000 wasn’t running, so I started it in VS Code, and now the Content panel in seems to be connected to localhost:3000 and VS Code. So the next order of business is just reading the docs. Thanks.

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