How to create a file upload option on a form?

Hi, is there a no code way for creating a file upload option on a form? Any ideas on where to store form submissions including the file?
I currently have a form with no file upload option that links to an Airtable via Zapier.

Hi @asriram, and welcome to the forum! It’s good to see you.

You can set an ‘upload’ option by dragging in an input block and setting its type to ‘file’:

Regarding the storage of that file, this is going to depend on your backend. You can read more about that portion in the Building Forms help article. You’ll want to connect an API URL to POST your form data from Builder to Airtable, so you may want to reach out to a developer or seek out a tutorial on the Airtable metadata API.

Thank you!
~ Logan from

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Hey @logan! Thank you so much! Yeah I figured Airtable supports it & I found a way to store it. This was really helpful!

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Hi @logan, is there any documentation I can refer for max file sizes & file types supported by Builder?

Hey @asriram,

There’s no limitation on filetype.

We have a limit of 30MB for the entire submission when you are using the “Send to Email” option. I am not aware of a limit when you are sending data to a database, but let me know if it appears that you are running into one!

Logan from

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