How to force values (Design System)


As a frontend dev, I build stuff via Builderio. Afterwards, the content manager has the ability not only to change the content (text, images) but also add new elements (blocks, grids) and apply some basic styling like margin, font-size, column gaps.

Currently, the content manager has the freedom to set e.g. the margin to what ever he likes to pixel value. This I want to restrict to keep the overall website styling according to the my design system, which allows only a restricted set of values. So in concrete words: I would like to give the content manager only a set of possible values that he can set (like only 14px, 18px, 22px, 28px - that’s all).

Is it possibly to achieve this with current functionality? If not, I would like to raise a feature request herewith.


Hi @Detzler,

Currently, this feature is not available but as a workaround, you can certainly create a data model with those fixed values and use it across your space or you can use custom CSS targeting builder block classes, i.e., builder-text, builder-content, builder-blocks etc.

Please raise a feature request for the same at Ideas