How to get author name via Content API?

hey guys, I’d like to get author name via Content API.

After hitting
I receive default page response with fields like lastUpdatedBy and createdBy but they seem to be encrypted.

Does anyone know how decrypt those fields or get author name in some other way?

@danhav Thanks for the question and welcome to the forum!

Currently, you are correct, the value used corresponds to the user ID in our database, and there is no way to access that user’s information through any API. If maintaining a field with last editor is important, as a work around you could add a custom field or content input that can be updated to the latest author.

If you have your authors as data models, you could even have the author set as a reference to that author to access any other info on the Author model itself:

It is a bit manual, but if you think having access to the more plain english version of the user is important, let us know! We are always eager for feature requests on our user submissions platform:

Here you can submit feature requests and vote on other users submissions, and it is very helpful in informing our product roadmaps. Check it out and let us know!

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hey @TimG, thanks for pointing out :+1: will check that

Yep, it works for me. Thanks - issue resolved.

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