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How to get full symbol data when using content API and query a page with symbols

Hi there,

we have a lot of pages that contain symbols and we want to use the content API to render our content using Vue. We don’t want to use the prebuild Vue component with html prerendering.
The problem is, when we use the content API we only get some meta data for the symbol like
input fields, entryid…, but not the structure of the symbol itself.

When we set the symbol to inline in the page, then we will get full data, but will lost the functionality of symbol changes for this page. Another possibility is to take the entry id and query the symbol explicit but this will lead to a lot of REST calls when using pages with a lot of symbols.

Is there a way by using the content API to get the full data of embedded symbols?

Besides we inspect the calls of a test react app using builder.io and saw that this app is using another API, that is not documented. In the response of this API the symbol contains full data:


Is it recommended to use this API instead? Is there some documentation for this API.

Best regards

Hey @abehr, you can use either noTravers=false in your API query request or if you’re using the sdk: builder.get('modelName' , { noTraverse: false , ..rest of options })