How to get the array of dynamic data in custom component?

Hey @manish-sharma , I hope you are having a Good day.

i Actually need some help here i want to get this array state.blogContent.results in my custom component because i actually wanna use infinite scroll and it requires this array

In this image is array state.blogContent.results is actually mapping the content on those blog titles so i want this state so that i could apply infinite scroll to those items.

Hello @Shami,

In order for me to be able to help you, could you please provide me with the Builder Content Entry link where you’re experiencing this issue?

Here is how to find it:

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Shami,

We regret to inform you that we’re currently unable to access the content, making it difficult for us to understand the actual issue. To assist you in connecting an array of dynamic data, we recommend referring to the following Loom video:

Let us know if the above doesn’t help!


Well yeah that did help me but just one more thing that i’m facing this problem also that how can i send the props of the selected blog into the next page i mean i have index page in which i have list of blogs let’s say i click on the John’s Blog so it will take me to /index/blog page where i want the blog which is written by John how can i achieve this. if you know about it that would be so appreciated.

Please take a look at our Next.js blog example using the following link:

Let us know if that doesn’t help!