How to migrate our pages, data and content out of

Hey team,

we are evaluating to be our Low-Code Development platform, one of the criteria/features we are looking for is that the platform allows us to migrate our pages/data/content out in case we need it for whatever reason, we just want to make sure that if that happens we have a path forward that we could take

We couldn’t find any doc, do you have any doc that you can share? is this something you support?


Hey @fmontada great question, many features of builder will allow you to eject comfortably:

  • Everything you build in builder is accessible by a JSON API.
  • You can have webhook on any Builder space that save the content JSON into your other systems in real time.
  • Builder’s SDKs are all open source and will always allow you to go from the content JSON to rendered UI elements, regardless of where the JSON is coming from (your systems or our APIs).
  • You can import your entire space to your local filesystem at any point of time.


  • Mitosis: an open source project that allows you to compile Builder’s content JSON to a code in any of the frameworks it supports [including plain HTML].

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Let me know if you have any question!