Builder and Open Source Scope

Forgive me if this has been answered somewhere, I’ve browsed a few forum posts and I’d like to know if I should inspect this tool further. Basically I have a SaaS app with hundreds of users and I’m looking for a library to allow the users to build pages with a drag and drop builder and builder looks great! When they Save, it would just save some JSON to our database so if they come back to edit or view we can render the layout from the saved JSON.

I guess my questions are does the open source version cover this and does this sound like a good use case for Builder?

Hi @youknowme, Welcome to the Forum! gives you the SDKs and APIs to dynamically load content created in Builder into your code. You have complete control as to what you want to be Builder-editable and where.

You may find help with integrating your app at integrating pages & how the builder works.

You can download content as JSON as well. In the editor on any page content, right-click click, and you’ll have the option to Download content as JSON .

Hope this answers your question, let me know if you’ve further concerns!