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Can I use builder.io for a SaaS?

Hi everyone! I’m new to builder.io and very excited about the tool!

I’m currently looking for a tool like builder.io to build out a SaaS solution I have planned, but my question is if it’s suited for such use cases? Is there user login/auth, permission control etc?
I want to build a document editor in the same fashion as Google docs, so simple CRUD application with subscription and user login/register.

Hey @alexanderradahl thanks for the question…that is an interesting use case. Builder is ideally suited for building landing pages, authorable sections within existing apps and giving teams immense power to customize their apps from our visual editor.

If you are looking to customize your SaaS solution pages and sections, Builder would be a really great fit. The auth, permission control, etc within your app itself is all handled by whatever tools or 3rd parties you have built into your app, and in that regard Builder is completely agnostic…if it works for your app it will work with us! Your dev team has free rein to set up your app however you want.

If you are looking to grant users access to your Builder space with specific permissions, we have a standard set of user roles, and for our enterprise users we have the option to add custom roles.

Hopefully that answers more of your question? If you would like to get specific pricing plan information or talk to our sales / solutions teams I recommend reaching out in our pricing page directly!

I guess what @alexanderradahl is asking is if user login/auth is supported ‘out-of-the-box’ which, as far as I know, is not the case. It would be really nice if builder.io would have a (few) templates that integrate with AWS IAM or Auth0 or another user login/auth service without having to set it up yourself, either as templates or examples on how to do this for the less tech savvy :wink:

@teeleh @alexanderradahl that is definitely a great idea, but not currently something on our roadmap. That being said, we love feedback and any ideas from our users! I recommend checking out our Ideas board: https://ideas.builder.io/

Where you can add any feature requests or feedback! It even looks like this has come up in another post: Seamless, robust, real auth | Ideas

Feel free to add comments, upvote and let us know what you think! Sorry I dont have a better solution at this very moment, but we will keep yall up to date as this continues to come up!

Thanks Tim, interesting that post is from today :wink: I have upvoted it as I do think it would be very cool and quite useful for a lot of people.

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