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Securing pages with Auth0/Next.js

Hi all, I think a working solution to this would be very valuable to anyone seeking to create a portal leveraging a dedicated identity solution like Auth0.

Has anyone had success using Auth0 with Builder.io using a next.js?

What I would like to achieve is:

  1. allow public access to common areas of the site - i.e. homepage, about, etc.
  2. secure member-only pages using Auth0
  3. allow non-technical users (site admins) to update content using the builder editor

some links that I’ve used to get a pure next.js app working with Auth0:

Auth0 SDK

Any examples or help would be most appreciated!

Hi @marclp - thanks for reaching out. While architecting your app is outside of the scope of support we provide, you absolutely can build an app that gates content by authentication and then only render the private content to visitors who are logged in. We do this in our own app - part of the logged in Builder.io app is built with Builder.io, like onboarding :slight_smile: