Is this a use-case that can be done with

Hi all, I’m building an app and I’m looking for a very specific use-case:

  • users can create listings on the app (a single web page)
  • I want a user to be able to edit the listing page
  • the login is handled in my app
    I want to allow every user to log in to my app and edit exactly 1 page. (i.e. they click an “edit” button and are redirected to the route where they can edit and save the page.
    In some sense, it is editor white-labeling.

I could do it with but it is ugly af :slightly_smiling_face:
Is bricks the right tool for this use case?

Hi @Ablomis, and welcome to the forum! allows you to create React components that can have specific inputs. Those inputs can be edited through Builder’s Visual Editor. You’re welcome to get started with our React example and check out how Builder works, in general. Our free plan comes with plenty of storage and unlimited environments, so feel free to get set up and try it out. We’re always looking for feedback!

We currently don’t provide Builder as a white-labeled experience for our standard plans out-of-the-box, so you’d unfortunately not be able to add editing directly to the page. Users would log into a Builder account and find their editable site content there, or install the Builder browser extension to locate editable Builder content on a page.

If you’d still prefer to create a tool with content that’s editable directly on the page, you could use the Builder Write API as an endpoint for page edits. This would take some dev work of your own, but this would allow you to send user edits as JSON to Builder, where you can store and manage content.

Hi Logan,
Thanks for the response,

I was poking around the documentation and found that this looks like the right capability for me

Is it something that is available today for



Hey @Ablomis,

Apps and Embedding features are limited to Enterprise plans, which we’d typically recommend for a site that anticipates a high demand for bandwidth and >500K pageviews. You can check out the plan overviews on the Pricing page, and you’re welcome to reach out to our sales team via the chat widget there.

Thank you!