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How to pass data/value from vue.js to builderio?

Need to pass value / data from vue.js to builderio like React:

React Code starts here:

import { BuilderComponent, builder } from ‘@builder.io/react’
import {useState,useEffect} from ‘react’
export const App = () => {
const [builderContentJson, setBuilderContentJson] = useState(null)
useEffect(() => {
builder.get(‘spud-home’, { url: location.pathname })
}, )
return <BuilderComponent model=“spud-home” content={builderContentJson} data={{
auth: “false”,
}} />
export default App;

End of code

i need same to use in vue.js to guide me any document to resolve my problem.

Hi @prasad, and welcome to the Builder.io forum!

Your question is regarding the custom components registration function on the Builder object for the React SDK. If you don’t use React, we recommend that you use our Web Components API and use the Vue Web Component Wrapper if you prefer not to write your web components in plain HTML/JS.

Thank you for this question! We’ll be sure to be mindful of your interest in using Builder.registerComponent() in Vue. If you’d like, you can add that feature request at our new Ideas hub: Ideas