How to pass the value from pagemodel to a custom component

Say I have created a page model named “Sample” I have defined a list of attributes to be used in that model.
In the content I am trying to use the “Sample” model by creating a page for it. how can I pass the value defined in the content to a custom component.

To give more idea on it
This is my page content page for the page model

Consider I need to pass the value of Section headline to customComponent named ButtonWithText
How can I pass the value to the attribute of customComponent named title on ButtonWithText custom component.

Could you please share any related documentations to achieve this.

Hello @SelvaPrasath ,

You can pass data and functions down to the Builder component to use in the UIs (e.g. bind data values to UIs e.g. for text values or iterating over lists, and actions to trigger for instance on click of a button)

All data passed down is available in Builder actions and bindings as state.*, for instance in the below example state.products, etc will be available

<BuilderComponent model=“page” data={{ products: productsList, foo: ‘bar’, }} content={builderJson} />

Once you have the data available in builder UI, you can use the dynamic data binding feature to bind page data to your custom components.

Wow. That helped. But @manish-sharma by any chance can this be automated what I am trying to understand is that these data binding is quite technical to be added in the for a content author. Instead can I automatically map the data to custom components whenever it is being created.