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How to upgrade my Shopify store theme to be an online store 2.0 (sections everywhere) theme but still use my Builder content?

Builder works with Shopify stores that are using themes that are the old style (pre online store 2.0), as well as with the new format. However, the way Builder interacts with your store’s theme is different depending on if your theme is designed for the 2.0 world, or the pre 2.0 world.

What happens if you are already using Builder to create lots of great content on a store that was using a non Online Store 2.0 theme, but now your store has a 2.0 compatible theme?

Luckily, you can easily create new Builder controlled sections built for the new Online Store 2.0 world, then copy content from your old sections or pages, and then publish and edit via Shopify’s theme editor.

The first step is to read this guide to learn about how to create a new Online Store 2.0 compatible section in Builder. Then, once you create a new section, you can go to one of your old sections or pages, download the content as json, go back to your new section entry, and upload the json file to have the content there. Next, hit publish!

The last step is to go into Shopify’s theme editor and drag your new block onto whatever page you want to add the section to. Tip: if you want to replace the entire page (e.g. create a homepage entirely in Builder for use on your store), then drag the Builder made block onto the page and remove all the other blocks.