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How to use nextjs with builder.io

I made the next js project for builder.io
In the project, there is a file called [[…path]].tsx in the pages folder.
I want to add different code on different pages, but all pages made by the builder are rendered in [[…path]] files.

Would you be able to give a tip on how to differentiate the page for customized code in nextjs.

Hi @yongcurri , Builder has plenty of examples here on nextjs , I’d start with the minimal landing page one, and maybe use the Next.js/Shopify/Builder starter for inspiration on how to do more advanced integration.

As for your question:

I’m not sure I follow the question here, if you’re able to expand on it either in writing or a loom video with the details that’d be super helpful.

It would be much grateful if I can get information by loom. I am all available today.