Hydration errors when binding data to Custom Components

I have a custom component that i was trying to bind data to and while i was successfully able to bind data to it, I was immediately getting hydration mismatch errors. Here is the code for the custom component:

import Button from “./button”;
import { getDefaultContent } from “./event.content”;
import Image from “next/image”;

function EventTeaser(props) {

const { propTitle, propImage, propDate, propCode, propRegion, propAddress, propEventType } = props;

let event;
if (!props.event) {
event = getDefaultContent();
} else {
event = props.event;

let eventTitle = propTitle ? propTitle : event.title;
let eventImage = propImage ? propImage : event.image;
let eventDate = propDate ? propDate : event.startDate;
let eventCode = propCode ? propCode : event.eventCode;
let eventRegion = propRegion ? propRegion : event.region;
let eventType = propEventType ? propEventType : event.eventType;

const className = props.className ? props.className : “”;

const startDate = new Date(eventDate);

const dateOptions1 = {
weekday: “long”,
year: “numeric”,
month: “short”,
day: “numeric”,

const dateOptions2 = {
year: “numeric”,
month: “short”,
day: “numeric”,

const localizedDate = startDate.toLocaleDateString(undefined, dateOptions1);

return (

{" "}


style={{ borderRadius: “15%” }}


{eventRegion} - {eventType}

<button href={/events/${eventCode}}>
Learn More


export default EventTeaser;

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Hi @jhs129,

Could you please try to include the option enrich:true in the get function of the builder integration code?

Let us know if the issue persists!

Thanks Garima. Could you by chance provide an example of how to do that? Would it be something like this:
const page = await builder
.get(“page”, {
userAttributes: {
urlPath: “/” + (params?.page?.join(“/”) || “”),
enrich: true

Or would it be added at the same level as the

That seems correct. Here is the doc link SDK Comparison - Builder.io for more info. Try this out and let me know if the issue persists!

I have exactly same error, adding enrich: true
didn’t help :frowning: here’s screenshot of the problem

this happens every time i add a custom component in nextjs

just FYI, that was related to this problem