I want to use builder forms, but I want to have the logic behind it to be done on React side. is it possible?

I want to create a form using builder forms using drag and drop feature, but I want to create the logic behind the validations and everything else on the React side. is it possible?

Hello @rythm,

You can also pass data and functions down to the Builder component to use in the UIs (e.g. bind data values to UIs e.g. for text values or iterating over lists, and actions to trigger for instance on click of a button)

You can pass down functions, and complex data like custom objects and libraries you can use context . Similar to React context, context passes all the way down (e.g. through symbols, etc). This data is not observed for changes and mutations

    validation: () => myService.validation(currentForm),
    lodash: lodash,