IncludeRefs not working

We’ve tried both includeRefs and enrich to get Builder to include the content from references but with no luck. References that are set up via the code seems to work but not those that are set in the models.

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What are you trying to accomplish
Use the reference input type and have the results include the value of the reference in the <BuilderComponent />

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Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 08.56.52

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

Reproducible code example

          options={{ includeRefs: true, enrich: true }}


.get("page", {
      includeRefs: true,
      enrich: true,
      userAttributes: {

Hello @CourseStudio,

Although the reference data may not be visible in the UI, you can check for it in the Builder console. Select the block, go to the builder console, navigate to the data tab, and run $block.eval('state'). This should allow you to access the data even if it’s not displaying in the UI.

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Thank you,

Hi Manish

How can I get this to work in the code?

Hello @CourseStudio,

could you please provide more information about what you meant by “getting this work in the code”?

Having the same issue