Input to show only in specific product url

Hello everyone, I’m having this issue where I keep trying to make changes, specifically by adding an input to a product called “Pet Name” and another one called “Tag ID#” on our ecommerce store, but every time I publish the update, it keeps adding it to every product in the store. I keep thinking that I need to build a conditional logic on the visibility for that element called pet name and tag ID, but, I’m not sure how to do this in builder. Any suggestions?

Here is the website:

Here is the builder page that I want to include the input “Pet Name” and similar one for “Tag ID#”

It looks like this content is targeting all products right now. You can duplicate this entry and add additional targeting to create content only for a certain product or collection. You can learn more about targeting in our docs here:

Is there any other way to be able to do this without targeting? Since, I believe it isn’t available with the 99/mo plan we have.

Thank you and I appreciate the fast response!

Hi Eduardo,

You could also add some custom code to check the url with window.location .

@sarah I really appreciate your help! As a non-developer myself, how do you see the custom code looking like with window.location?

No problem! I recommend you check out our doc about using custom code to get started: