Input Types from React Prop Types

What are you trying to accomplish
I have tons of existing React Components in my company’s components library.
I would love to have a script that takes a component with propTypes and defaultProps, and converts it to the inputs of the registerComponent method, so I can automatically register new components as they come.
Is there something that exists that does that?

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

@cliff That is a great suggestion! Unfortunately we don’t have anything like that at this time.

But there are a few options to help facilitate making this idea a reality :slight_smile: First, feel free to submit as a feature request on our site Here users can submit feature requests or give feedback, as well as vote on the submissions of other users.

Finally, I would call out that our builder project in Github is totally open source so if you do want to write something yourself, feel free to submit to our GitHub repo and we may just add it to the project!

Hopefully that helps, if you do manage to write something up even just for your internal use let us know we’d love to hear about it!