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Integrate Builder with Your Netlify Site Using a Webhook

With a webhook you can set up your Netlify site to trigger new builds and deploys every time Builder content is updated. First create a new build hook on your Netlify site ( Site settings > Build & deploy > Continuous deployment > Build hooks). Copy the URL of your hook.

Now let’s add it to Builder. Navigate to the Models menu and select the model you would like to integrate with Netlify then select Show More Options > Edit Webhooks. Paste the URL of your Netlify build hook here. Last, select Show Advanced and turn on the Disable Payload option since Netlify won’t actually be using any of the POST content that Builder would send on updates.

Select Done and your Builder content is now set up for CI/CD with your Netlify site! Every time Builder content is published, unpublished, archived, or deleted Builder will send an empty POST request to your Netlify Build hook which will trigger a new build and deploy.

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