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Is it possible to edit the look of the existing stand-alone web app?

I’m searching for the best workflow on how to work with logic and api’s in the stand-alone web app (Vue or Nuxt) and polish the design in the builder’s editor. Is it even possible to get the existing data from a web app into builder, edit it visually and push it back to my web app?
Thank you

@vadimch Most of our clients have integrated Builder into an existing web app, and in that regard Builder is a powerful and flexible tool. We have many, different, ways to pull your data and integrate it into a Builder-built page. You can use that data to then build entire pages, specific targeted, sections, or a combination of both.

If you are looking to pull in your existing app, tweak existing pages as they are and then export it back to your app, that isn’t currently supported, but there are definitely ways you can achieve that same goal within Builder.

For example we have multiple options to import Figma designs or to import existing webpages from the web. One option would be to import from your existing designs or webpages, and then connect them to the associated data within Builder to re-create your current pages. Once you have integrated your app and necessary components, you could also just re-build the necessary pages within Builder from the component level up. It takes a bit of thoughtful set up, but once it is completed it should be easy to iterate from there.

Alternatively, it is easy to use Builder to build on top of your existing app without having to touch what has already been built. So you could build new pages, or add new sections to existing pages, without having to start completely from scratch.

If you check out getting started guide, you can see examples for both Vue and Nuxt on how to connect your existing app to Builder to create landing pages. I would also recommend checking out our Vue/Nuxt examples at builder/examples/vue-nuxt at main · BuilderIO/builder · GitHub It is currently in beta, but should also have a few useful examples on how to integrate both pages and custom components.

Hopefully that helps! If you have any further, specific questions I am happy to help…I would recommend playing around with our starters and seeing if the existing flows work for your team!