Is there a way to add meta data to our existing website pages e.g. dynamic product pages which are not hosted on

  1. We currently have our own custom product pages in react.
    Is there any way we can add meta data in for these pages?
    e.g. specific meta data for a group of products e.g. Clothes
    AND Specific meta data per specific product page which will overwrite the general meta data added above for that group.

  2. Similarly, is it possible to add custom titles on each possible page? e.g. there can be pages with urls such as /section, /section/category, /section/category/subcategory, etc
    with different values for each. How can we add custom title for each unique page from (The entire page currently comes from our React code)

Hi Olivela!

Thanks for reaching out to us.

You can certainly add the custom fields to your model and then add specific values to your content, you can then use those values however you want in our code/page.

You can find help at SEO Optimizing Builder Content and Using Custom Fields in Builder.

Please do reach out to us, If you still have any concerns or questions. Thank you!