Is there a way to receive the user's email in the webhook payload?

When a user creates/changes a content, we want to automate and email sending + analytics flow, based on the user’s email address.
Right now, I don’t see anything besides the userId, but I don’t see a way to fetch any data based on this ID in our webhook

Hello @michael.vaisberg,

Welcome to the forum post.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to modify the payload message structure on our end. However, we kindly request that you submit a feature request at Ideas. Our team will review your request and consider adding this feature in our future updates.

In the meantime, either you can add an email custom field to the page data and then retrieve that field to automate analytics flow or you may use a workaround by creating your API endpoint that can receive a payload message from the builder. You can then modify the payload message to include an email field and then forward the request to the webhook endpoint with an updated payload message.