Manually track impressions, conversions and clicks on a data model

If you are using our React SDK, you can easily add data tracking to any data model, which has been well documented already here: A/B testing data models

and here: Adding Insights Tracking for your Data Models with React

But, if you are not using React, or don’t want to use <BuilderContent /> for some reason (though we highly recommend you do!), you can still manually add tracking with our core JS SDK

import { builder } from '';

  .then(content => {
      // Track an impression of this test group content
      builder.trackImpression(, content.testVariationId)

And you can add any click tracking manually with

Next, make sure you have setup conversion tracking to have conversion tracking data on your appropriate data model.

// E.g. when a purchase occurs for $99.99

And to get engagement data, you can also track clicks by calling the builder.trackInteraction, method, as below

    onClick={() => {
      builder.trackInteraction(, content.testVariationId);

Try it out within your app and let us know how it goes!