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Add a standard dropdown list component to a page - cannot find any input components.

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Hi @gvolk0, Welcome to Builder.io Forum!

It looks like the Form block is not included as default in our SvelteKit. As a workaround, you can include this manually in the insert tab.

Please check out the Form block implemented in React SDK: builder/packages/react/src/blocks/forms at main · BuilderIO/builder · GitHub

Hi @garima,

Thank you, I have tried to add the Select component but it appears that it isn’t registered on top of not being included by default - the below code gives an empty ‘Our components’ category in the editor:

 register('insertMenu', {
	 name: 'Our components',
	 items: [
		 { name: 'Form:Select' },

I was going to register it manually but the sdk module doesn’t expose the blocks, only functions.

Is there some other way of accessing/registering the components in the sdk?

@gvolk0, Thanks for your patience on this!

Apologies might misguide you before, I tried this myself and found that the Forms and Select components still don’t exist for the newer SDKs and we have not implemented them yet. You can check this table builder/packages/sdks at main · BuilderIO/builder · GitHub it indicates what components are still in progress. So registering manually also doesn’t work.

Let me know if you have further questions!

Based on the table in your link none of the frameworks have Forms completed, yet the link in my original post has all of them (more or less) available in the editor - is the table out of date?

Also, I can see the code for most of the forms in the svelte sdk so it seems that they’re almost complete - do you have a rough ETA when these might be completed?

Thank you.

Oh and what’s the recommended way around this for now? Currently I create a custom component with say a “select” tag but this is a bit tedious and reinvents what’s already in the sdk.


  1. The table is up to date and yes those are not implemented for any of our new SDKs yet.
  2. I checked with our internal team and we don’t have an eta on this.
  3. Workaround, for now, is for you to build your own version of the components you need. Related doc: Intro to Integrating Custom Components - Builder.io

I know might be a bit tedious, sorry for the inconvenience. I will be sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, please reach out if I can help with anything else.

Thank you @garima, I just want to clarify one last thing - there are various templates and examples of full-fledged websites built using builder, are you saying they all required implementing custom components just for the most basic user input like text fields and dropdowns? I just find that hard to believe which makes me suspect that maybe there’s something I’m missing here.

Hi @gvolk0, the table linked above is for our new generation of SDKs (Svelte, Vue, Solid, to name a few), which are actively in development to include Forms components. The. majority of our customers and sites built with Builder are on using our original SDKs, including React, Angular, Gatsby, etc. Many of them though do still create custom form components if they have specific needs as if gives you more power and flexibility to define your form components use cases. As mentioned in the table above, the form components are actively in development for our new generation of SDKs but it is hard to give any firm timeline at this time. Hope this helps!