Model caching deleted properties?

I was experimenting with models for building out navigation in which I have navigation links which have a list property for dropdown items. At one point I was experimenting with a couple of new fields, including a map field, but have since deleted them. However, I still happen to see those older properties despite deleting them, re-publishing, clearing browser cache, and restarting the app.

I am unsure why these older properties are still showing and some of the items are also missing a newer property, called category.

The current state of dropdownNavItems contains the following properties: Link (Url), Title (Text), Category (Text)

Below is a screenshot that prints the list object to the console showing the older properties still exist somehow.

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 11.12.48 AM

Hey @rkrueg, our technical team will take a look!

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Hey @kara, any updates from the technical team on this one?

Hey @rkrueg Changing a model schema doesn’t apply retroactively on content entries that’s already been created using the old schema, to apply the new schema on old content entries you can use the write API to remove those field values.

I’m facing the same problem.