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Next.js with Preact


Do you have any plans to support Nextjs with Preact? It works in development but when building for production, it throws this error on prerendering:
Error: [object Object] is not a valid HTML tag name in <[object Object]> at b (/Users/markpinero/Code/builder/examples/next-js-simple/node_modules/preact-render-to-string/dist/commonjs.js:1:3989)

Hi @markpinero, thanks for reporting this, do you mind sharing reproduction steps, a codesandbox, or a github repo and we’ll take a look.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. follow preact implementation here: GitHub - preactjs/next-plugin-preact: Next.js plugin for preact X
  2. run build script

CodeSandbox link: throbbing-moon-4wct8 - CodeSandbox
Github repo: GitHub - markpinero/builder-preact

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Hi @markpinero, thanks for sharing clear reproduction steps, turned out preact is actually supported but I think the next-plugin-preact is not working correctly here, we do have our own marketing site running on preact and next.js, you can take a look here on how we configured it: builder/next.config.js at master · BuilderIO/builder · GitHub

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