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NextJS / Builder Returning Page Null

Team -

I have a model (079f942c76aa4a63ac1cbed6f7fe2387) named ‘page’ and there is 1 published content (8a68314752cd4647bd7867b990bb20f7).

Whenever I visit my domain’s url, I get a 404 response back from the builder.io call. However, the content editor on your site is pulling everything correctly off my site.

Model builer.io url …


Model config url …


Content url …


Content target …

Url : Is : /__edit__/__builderio_dynamic__


I copy and pasted this example from your Github https://github.com/BuilderIO/builder/blob/master/examples/next-js/pages/[...slug].js .

Thoughts on why the await builder.get function is returning null.


Logging information I am seeing on my end

res.url = /edit/builderio_dynamic
urlPath = /edit/builderio_dynamic
await builder.get() returns = null


SOLVED: The model had a setting “disable public key”. I turned it back on and now the page is loading properly.

Is there an error log available in builder.io? So the user can see error reporting that may be happening on the builder.io side?

I’m glad this issue is resolved! :grin:

It sounds like you had a setting turned on accidentally, so it would not show as an error. Users don’t have access to our error logs, but it would not show as an error since the model was set to private.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!