No data connected when using sdk-react-nextjs

I am trying to use the sdk-react-nextjs package with my Next 14 App project to achieve SSR pages. I would like to connect my Contentful blog to a Builder page which I have already enabled and configured.

I am able to select a blog entry via the Connect Data panel and select a entry. However the issue occurs when I try to bind a field to the data. I am unable to see the dropdown menu to select the data. I have checked the Content State inspector and this also appears empty.

If I switch to using the package. I am able to select the entry for Data Binding. However I am unable to use custom server side components.

Is this a bug with the sdk-react-nextjs or is my implementation incorrect?

Does anyone have any working examples I could take a look at?

Hello @anandpatel,

Welcome to the forum post.

We have an example for the Next.js SDK that you can refer to here: Next.js SDK Example.

I was able to reproduce the issue with data binding and will be discussing this with our internal team to determine the next steps. I’ll update you as soon as we make any progress.

Thanks for your patience.


Hi Manish,

Have you made any progress or do you have any updates on this specific issue? Your insights would be highly appreciated.

Cheers, Anand.

Thanks for asking this problem , i am also facing the same problem.