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I’m testing a webhook that should be triggered whenever a Page is published, unpublished, deleted etc. I have configured my webhook under Models > Page > Edit Webhooks. When I open my Network tab in Chrome, and try out different actions for my pages (Publish, Unpublish, Archive, Unarchive), I see that a POST request is made to my webhook as expected. However, when I delete a page, I don’t see any request being made to my webhook.

According to the documentation, a POST request should also be sent on delete:

We will POST to the endpoint you provide every time content is published, unpublished, archived, or deleted.

Is there anything specific that has to be configured/implemented for this?

Hi @jasper.oostdam, welcome to the forum! Thanks so much for reporting this. There is no other configuration you should have to do. I tested this myself and can confirm deleting an entry is not sending a POST request to my webhook either. This appears to be a bug which I will be reporting to our engineering team and I’ll update you here when we have a fix.

Hi, I was just deleting a Builder page and noticed that the webhook was being fired. Could you confirm that this issue has indeed been fixed? Thank you in advance!

Hi @jasper.oostdam that’s right! The fix was just released very recently

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