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Not able to create an announcement bar

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Builder content link

Builder public api key

What are you trying to accomplish
I’m trying to create an announcement bar. I created one and it was on my site and now it’s not showing. Not sure what happened.

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
Shopify I think?

Hi @plantpill,

I’m not able to access the entry link you provided and I don’t see any announcement bar entries on your account. Did you delete the entry?

I had installed the announcement bar and it was showing up and just recently it stopped showing up. Then I went to the builder and tried to delete it and re-add it and it’s still not showing.

I’m not seeing the announcement bar installed in your theme. Can you create a new announcement bar entry and share the link? Can you also confirm which theme you’re working on? I’d be happy to help get the announcement bar showing on your site!

It seems like the announcement bar code I installed originally is no longer in my theme. How can I go about installing the code?

Hi @plantpill,

The annoucement bar code has been added back to your theme, can you check an announcement bar entry and confirm that everything is working as expected?

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