Not able to use "context" feature in Angular Components


I was going through a question in the forum, and found one of your team specialist tagged this “Angular Github repository example” - builder/packages/angular at main · BuilderIO/builder · GitHub

Now, If you see the above example they have provided, they are passing a “context” class variable inside the [context] attribute of < builder-component />

I tried the same, but getting this error in the console.

Can you please help me out? I have already imported BuilderModule into the app module and added the API key also.


Hello @abhisheksoni,

Welcome to the forum post.

Could you please confirm the version of Angular you are currently using, as well as the version of the Builder Angular SDK? This information will help us better understand your setup and provide you with the appropriate assistance.

Hi manish,

Thanks for looking into this issue, well it is resolved now.

Earlier I was using @2.0.1 of Angular SDK with Angular 11, now using @3.0.1 Angular SDK with Angular 14 and data/context are working fine.

Help appreciated!