Number Input & Min: 0

The min settings in input values appears to not respond to a min of 0.
With these settings

  name: "range",
  type: "number",
  min: 0,
  max: 10,

the visual editor allows for negative numbers with no issue

whereas setting min to either min: 1 or min: 0.1 the visual editor will properly disallows numbers below the min value (including negative numbers)

So this appears to be an issue with specifically min: 0 not being recognized as a proper minimum.

Hi @Sevrene,

Welcome to the forum.

We really appreciate you reporting this possible bug to us, such feedback will certainly help us improve our product. We have raised a ticket for our dev team to investigate this further and deploy a possible fix, we will try to update you as soon as we have any insights from them. Thank you!