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Open Graph Meta Tags in Header

Team -

I am looking for some guidance before I get caught down a rabbit hole. I am hoping to several of the og:* meta tags in the head of my web page.

ā€¦ etc

What is the best approach to ensure those tags are available on page load, so many of the social media networks can pull that data.

Here is one way I think could be a solution? https://www.builder.io/c/docs/seo
I can change my page to query builder.io first to return rendered html, if I am understanding that correctly? Is this a common and recommended approach many of your other clients user builder.io?


Hi @bull1099! Thanks for reaching out.

You are correct, https://www.builder.io/c/docs/seo is the solution.

What is your tech stack? We can provide an answer that is more relevant to your tech stack if you still have questions :grin:

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Currently using NextJs / Vercel

Are you using server side rendering? If not, you can use the content API with /api/v2/content/page?userAttributes.urlPath=/the-path&limit=1&omit=data.blocks for getting the meta fields to render that server side.


Pretty cool :slight_smile: