Page Building Integration is Only One Page At a Time?

I’m new to Builder and just want to make sure I understand how page building integration works.

So as I understand it, the steps to integrate a new page with are:

  1. Developer has to create a new route (say in qwik city).
  2. Paste in the page building integration code.
  3. Only then can a Content producer navigate to that route in builder and create content.

Is my understanding correct?

Is there no way to auto load all pages that content producers create without having developers involved?

Thank you.

Hi @tommysalsa,

Welcome to the forum.

Yes, that’s right initially setup has to be done and your understanding is right. For more information on Qwik, see Getting Started Qwikly and the SDK for Qwik on npm.

We have stepwise guides on building the Qwik app and setting up the preview URLS for builder contents, etc. which you can follow with little or no help from the developer to set up and start with.