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Publish Update - Exception in mobx-state-tree

I’m encountering 2 different and perhaps unrelated errors. The first is a CORs error that indicates a problem with screenShot/preview creation.

The second error occurs when I update a previously published pages. The second error is due to an exception in mobx-state-tree. The result of the second error is loss of the entire page. The editor hangs with a dialogue showing “Publishing…”. Attempts to refresh the editor page result in an empty page with the message “Content entry not found!”.

The javascript console log is here: 197.f46a40e8.chunk.js:3192 quill Overwriting modules/imageResize with ƒ t(e){var - Pastebin.com

Hey @lomasoft, can you share the Builder page url for the content entry? The url should start with builder.io/content