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RadioButton values are not retrieved correctly when submitting a form with "Send with js"

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Builder content link
e.g. builder.io/content/4cab34394e684fe7b93d6ef5493a8a51

Builder public api key
go to Builder.io: Drag and drop page builder and CMS and copy your PUBLIC api key


Detailed steps to reproduce the bug
e.g. go to the editor, click the styles tab, try to edit opacity, notice the opacity slider does not work

I created form, submit action to Zapier.

The form has a guest_type(radio), name(text), and email(text).

  1. select guest_type
  2. input name
  3. input email
  4. submit

Expecting the ‘guest_type’ value to be entered, but not in the request body

If you remove “Send with js”, the ‘guest_type’ will be sent correctly.

Screenshots or video link
Screenshots of your issue, or even better a link to a video of what is happening. We love using loom for that sort of thing

I recorded video.
However, my english is not good so its sound is mute.

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
e.g. NextJS, react, Shopify


Reproducible code example
If you are having integration errors, please link to codesandbox or copy and paste your problematic code here. The more detail the better!

Staging site. try it.

@yohei Welcome to the Forum!

Thank you for submitting this, I have our dev team investigating and we hope to get back to you shortly with an update…in the meantime is it possible to submit your form without using JS?

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Thank you for your reply!
I will try it without JS. I’m waiting for the fix :smiley: