Rate limit for email sending via form

is it possible to configure some rate limiter for email sending through the form? For instance no more than 5 requests from same user per hour?

Hey, @Jediinspace, glad to read your transmission! :milky_way:

I’m hearing that you’d like to validate a user request to prevent spamming, or a similar use case. Right now, Builder.io doesn’t provide this for you out-of-the-box, but you have some options.

You might find that Google’s ReCaptcha tool can filter out spammers, so please give the docs a look!

If you’d rather find your own path, Jedi, you can run some custom validation. This can be done in the custom code section of the form submission in Javascript, or in a middleware / validation step on your server end.

Thank you,
~Logan from Builder.io

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