Remix - custom component registry

Hello everybody,

I am interested how to implement/register the custom component registry in Remix framework. I have tried importing the file to page.tsx and entry.server.tsx file. The documentation on this is also missing from the docs. Registering Custom Components -

A boilerplate/example would be nice :slight_smile:

I have had no trouble making it work in next.js but since the BuilderComponent does not support server components I am kind of forced to use something else, so remix solves this for me as it pre-renders pages.

Additionally, how do I setup preview environment in Remix? I can also create a separate react/nextjs app for that purpose as I don’t want it in my production env anyways?

Please advise,

Is there a remix expert here, maybe we can document this together?

Hey @maroltsky

You can check out our remix starter code here. It is a complete tutorial to get you started on Remix - including the Registering Custom Components.