routeLoader$ in qwik returning SignalWrapper?

Hey, I’m simply trying to fetch some blog articles from builder io and display the titles on the page using routeLoader$ in qwik. I am getting a SignalWrapper returned from the routeLoader. How do i get the actual results array out of the SignalWrapper so i can display the data on the page?

import { component$ } from “”;
import { routeLoader$ } from “”;

export const blogContent = routeLoader$(async (requestEvent) => {

const res = await fetch(
const articles = await res.json();

return articles;

export default component$(() => {
const articles = blogContent();
return <></>;

Here is what articles is logging:

SignalWrapper {
ref: { CREXFaESVhw: { results: [Array] } },
prop: ‘CREXFaESVhw’

Wow ok finally, the SignalWrapper has a value property that contains the loaded data. You can access this property to get the data. -_-

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! Glad you were able to find the solution and share your findings! Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!