Separate Presentation and Logic levels


Thank you for developing such a useful tool. At the moment, we are trying to implement this tool into our project so that we can actively use it in the future. Hence, we have a question: to what extent will it be possible in the future to separate the logic layer from the presentation layer, roughly speaking, so that all the logic of behavior when, for example, pressing a Button is in our code (in the project itself), and then what the page looks like and where this Button is located and what the builder.oi looks like in the editor.

Here is example in abstract code:

I hope I was able to explain to you what we would like to implement.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @rasul,

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With, you have the flexibility to neatly separate the logic of your components from their presentation. For instance, you can leverage Builder to easily customize visual aspects such as background-color and font-family directly within its intuitive editor for your custom button component. Meanwhile, the functional behavior of your button, like handling click events, remains entirely under your control within your codebase. This approach ensures a clean and efficient workflow, empowering you to focus on both design and functionality with ease.