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Social media buttons

Is there an easy way to add social media buttons to my footer? Any presets?

Or do I have to search the web, save them to my pc, add images to builder, then embed URL?

Then I imagine I’d make the whole footer a “model”.

Thanks for reaching out! We have some built in template such as social media icons that you can drag and drop onto your page and adjust the urls to link wherever you’d like. When in the Visual Editor, from the “insert” tab on the left, choose the “template library” blue button and you’ll see one in particular called Social Buttons. We also offer instagram carousels if you’d like pull in content from Instagram as well. You can read more about Instagram details here

Thanks for the reply. I saw those before and couldn’t get them to work, but since you mentioned them I tried again. Finally got it to work.

For others: They’re locked together, so first select the group of social buttons and click “edit contents”, then select the specific button and “edit” and then can link URL. …or…just have to double click until you can single one out.

selecting and moving are finicky