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Span added per defualt as Text - Makes it difficult for SEO optimazation

Found out yesterday, after having a demo with a SEO consultant that we should use as little as possible with regard to SEO.
This made me and the team quite confound as a text component in Builder.io are using span as default.

So, before we begin our task to create custom components to get rid of the in our Text.
Is this a functionality to add as default in Text component going to come back and haunt us from a SEO perspective?

Hi @Anafs91 - you absolutely can customize and replace our built-in text component to meet any requirements you have (SEO or otherwise). Re: SEO, this is always a high priority for us and we have yet to hear a concern until now that a span around text can cause SEO issues, but maybe there is more context here that I am missing. Are they any resources you can link to that further explain why this would be an issue for SEO that we can look into?

It is not the HTML standard to use for my understanding around text.

Ex. if we create a Big Text components that will create a h1 tag, and according to SEO standard there should be only one on each page. It something we will have to take a look a in the team I am part of. Which means that we have a bit of refactoring to do in our project to reduce our use of Big Text components.