Two "Dynamic Catch all routes" at the same level in NextJS app and builder

We have a use case wherein the route like […srp].tsx comes in the pages directory in our current NextJS app but as per the builder set up in NextJS, we will be having [[…page]].tsx in the same pages directory. But technically we should not have two such dynamic routes at the same level.

So is there any alternative for [[…page]].tsx in order to avoid the conflict between the two same type of dynamic routes ([…srp].tsx and [[…page]].tsx) at the same level?

no need for [].tsx if you are already catching the routes in your [...srp] ,instead combine the logic, if you can share what’s in […srp] I can provide more guidance.

@aziz In […srp].tsx we are using getServerSideProps method (Server side rendering) and we are handling the dynamic routes for example: localhost:3000/state/county/saletype, localhost:3000/state/county/city/saletype, localhost:3000/state/county/city/zip/saletype and we are having many URLs combinations like this. And then, from the url we are splitting the URL params, validating the URL and performing some logic in the page.