TypeError: page is null after New Page

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I’m trying out builder, developing locally with a NEXTJS frontend, exactly followed the instructions on Integrating Pages - Builder.io
When I add a new page, the visual editor loads but instead of an empty page preview with the ‘Add Block’ button, it displays the error message:
Unhandled Runtime Error
TypeError: page is null
When I publish the page and then reload it, everything works great. But if I were to ship this to a client, they would obviously be confused and consider this a bug.

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NextJS, react

Thank you for any suggestions.

Hi @SimonF , welcome to the forum! Thank you for pointing this out. This is likely getting thrown when setting the <title> and you can add optional chaining to page to avoid this error.


There was also another typo with revalidate and I’ve updated the Integrating Pages doc to reflect both these corrections. Let me know if you still need help!

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Thank you for the swift reply and updating the docs, that solved it!

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